In many ways we have blindly accepted the distressed energies of fear, worry and anger as a normal way of living; even though these energies are the #1 cause of suffering on Earth. The energies of stress cause contraction, tightness, restriction and resistance within the physical body and also mental mind. This is why stress has been linked to obesity, heart disease, alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, depression and anxiety. Stress limits our ability to multitask effectively, problem solve, comprehend other viewpoints, and experience unity. This is where the self healing resources of meditation, sound and energy therapy are extremely beneficial in this day and age. By releasing the energies of stress and changing our internal programming, we are able to live in harmony and balance with the ever accelerating and changing world.

Relax, recharge, rejuvenate and remember your natural state of being!

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Joe Weaver is a worldwide facilitator, intuitive life and wellness coach. He specializes in meditation, personal transformation, sound and energy therapy. READ BIO

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