Expanding through the levels of enlightenment

My definition of the word “expand” and in the context for which I am using it means; “the act of seeing a new perspective from what was previously viewed. To expand the awareness of ones consciousness beyond what was previously known. Not by retaining knowledge but through seeing things from other angles that were not previously known from your perspective.”

There are many levels of what most people describe as “enlightenment”. Many have defined enlightenment as when someone has awakened to knowing and experiencing their Divine Self. I see this as only one level of enlightenment for there are many levels of gaining more awareness of one’s own Self. When someone first becomes conscious of one of their own thoughts. I see this as the first stage of enlightenment, for they are viewing one of their own thoughts from the observer role. When we observe something we are not taking it personally, it is not part of who we are from this vantage point. So when we view a thought we could claim the thought as our own or we could see it for what it is, “a thought”. This thought may be related to a pattern of thoughts for which we have been holding onto for a long time. Some thought patterns have been with us for longer than others. The main thing to be aware of is “we” are the keepers of our own thoughts. It is through our thoughts that we act and feel emotion. For our thoughts are tied directly to our emotions. So this first level of enlightenment is the act of observing a thought or seeing a pattern within you. Some are aware that they are doing this consciously and some do not and are un-conscious observers. If you make the choice to become and act as the “conscious” observer then you may ask now what?

Once the thought has been viewed then the option arises what do you want to do with the thought? If this thought is based in fear or some type of judgment then you can act on it or say “no”. This is the next step of enlightenment for which I see, for this is the conscious effort and act of choosing ones thoughts. We all have many levels of consciousness and with each level of consciousness we have different levels of awareness and perspectives. So the conscious act of choosing one thought over another is really only you as the conscious viewer taking control of your own Creation. For we are the Creators of of our own reality. Currently on Earth most people are un-conscious viewers and are unaware of their own Creations for they are in the state of denial of their own Self. Their conscious perspective is not in the observer role and they are acting completely from the left brain processing which is also called the ego. In order to see beyond the left brain processing it takes the willingness to do so. No one can do this for someone and when pressure is applied for someone to break out of this level of consciousnesses the majority of the time they withdrawn inwards with more fear and separation. So this first step comes from the individuals willingness to break away from the fear and expand their own awareness. Once someone starts viewing their thoughts from the observer role and making conscious choices they are choosing to act in a expanded level of their own consciousness.

When your perspective changes from being a non-observer to a conscious observer then we have one more choice to make. This is the choice of “responsibility”. We can view all the thoughts we want, and we can feel the emotions for which we Create. Then the choice is am I going to take responsibility for these thoughts and emotions I have created or am I going to blame them on something outside of me? When someone takes responsibility for ones own thoughts and actions this is another level of enlightenment. For all thoughts, patters, and emotions we hold onto directly reflects into the environment for which we call reality. Two people can be standing next to each other in a subway station and one can be living in hell with stress, fear, and dis-empowerment and the other can be living in Heaven on Earth free of all fears and judgments. The true living example of the Divine Self in the physical. This is not accomplished through beliefs, it is accomplished when one chooses to move beyond belief.

To recap the first few levels of which I describe enlightenment.
1.) The act of observing ones thoughts and becoming the conscious observer.
2.) Making the choice on which thoughts or feelings to act on. Letting go of patterns that bind your consciousness in the lower conscious perspectives and choosing to act in a higher expanded level of your own consciousness.
3.) Taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions and emotions for you are the Creator of your reality. The reality for which we see and feel is a direct reflection of what we hold inside. These are the patterns for which we claim as our own.

There are many of you that may have heard these steps explained in different ways. To some people this may seem elementary for these steps are so simple. The thing to realize is these are the building blocks for all levels of enlightenment through the higher expanded levels of our consciousness. What works for one level works on all levels. Each level of our consciousness has it’s own perceptual awareness and capabilities. Each level also works within a certain set of patterns. So when we become “aware” of a pattern we have the “choice” to let it go and expand or not. The choice is always ours. It is through this willingness to let go and act on the consciousness of ones higher Divine aspect that we expand our “awareness”. Through this expansion of ones awareness we start to see and feel things differently. We start to embody more of our higher Divine Aspect of Self and feel the connection we have with all that exists.

One of the biggest things to stay aware of is, sensing what we are “feeling”. To stay in the observer role throughout the day as we work and play. For it is at these times that our decisions that we act on mean the most. It doesn’t matter how much you meditate and spend time praying. What matters is how you live your life. Are you choosing the thoughts based in fear and judgment or are you the living example and radiance of your higher Divine Self of Love without conditions? There are no excuses, and there is no one judging you other than yourself. The choice is in the hands of each individual. Do I “live” my life in love with everything in existence or not? This is not the act of projecting love to others but actually “being” love to others without conditions. There is a big difference between “love with conditions” and “love without conditions”. One is a belief and the other is the act of actually feeling and experiencing.

So my question to you my friends is what are you today in this moment? What thoughts are you allowing to exist that are Creating the emotions and feelings you have? Do you feel “ONENESS” with all peoples on Earth or do you have fear and have some type of separation from them and the need for protection? Do you fear something from within yourself, or have any thoughts or feelings of self-worthlessness? Do you doubt your own abilities and love of your own Self? The answers to these questions can be answered within you. Be truthful with yourself and try and observe the responses from the observer role. For we are the ones that take our own thoughts or the thoughts of others personally.

The choice is yours. This is where it started and this is where is continues…….Love or fear? Which do you choose to be? Are you going to hold onto a pattern of Self dis-empowerment or let go of it and expand? It always has been and always will be your choice. Any thoughts within your being that says otherwise is just an awareness within it’s own Self Created illusion. Become the observer of all and expand and expand!

The time is now to start stepping through your own levels of enlightenment. It is through our own expansion we assist all!

Infinite love to you, we are all one!
Joe Weaver

Originally written between 2007 – 2012

Joe Weaver is a worldwide facilitator, intuitive life and wellness coach. He specializes in meditation, personal transformation, sound and energy therapy. READ BIO

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