The 7th ray of the Violet Tribe

The Violet Tribe; people wonder what is this. What kind of concept is this? Let me tell you that all ones that are attracted to Shamballa are all 7th ray beings, are all predominantly working with 7th ray energies, and the colour of the 7th ray is Violet. Hence, the Violet tribe. But there is more to it. Not only are these beings working with the Violet ray or the 7th ray, many are beings that have been involved with this planet since the very beginning, since the very creation of this planet. These beings are multi-dimensionally known, or esoterically known, as the people of the true Israel. And when we speak of the people of the true Israel and the energy of the true Israel, don’t confuse this with that place in the Middle East that really is Palestine. Israel was another illusion created to keep strife and struggle alive on the planet. The reasons why are not important in this moment, in this discussion.

There are many beings on earth that are known as the true Israel. This Israel is not physical or historical. It is the Israel of all levels of light. You could call it the true Israel, the Veritas Israel that the great teachers of the Kabbala have talked of for a long time here on earth. The true Israel is also known as the Children of Light. They are not a people clinging to a tradition or a religion, but a group who work with the light emanations of the 7th Ray of Creation. With this light they continually change the form of creation in accordance with Divine Will. They are known as the Adam Kadmon race of light. Their work is to demonstrate higher spiritual truths to the people of the earth. They are the scattered seeds of the Adamic race of light who have been around for eons. These people have aided the formation of the new orders of evolution for those eons, in conjunction with the Great White Brotherhood [the ascended Masters and others]. Under the guidance of the Brotherhood of Light the true Israel brought the scriptures of light to the beings that lived at Qumran, Alexandria, Tibet, and the great salt lake. This true Israel is symbolised by the ten lost tribes of Israel. This energy is known as the YOD Spectrum. This is the ten centres of radiation of the soul. This Yod spectrum is the lost code to connect us to the Father’s original plan or the Flower of Life, the Seed Blueprint of Creation. When this energy or spectrum is brought together as Divine Light, the dualism of science and religion is overthrown. Then we can connect with the 12 channels of light to interconnect to all that is. The non-spiritual beings will move their focus from the Israel of the flesh to the Israel of Light. The people of light are the beings that ground the Galactic intelligence, that hold the programs of wholeness in the biochemical units that are human bodies. They are the living light mandalas through which all will be helped to go beyond the cycles of birth and death into eternal life and to become members of the Galactic Brotherhood. When we finally anchor these light codes the world will change and will become a place of sharing caring and love.

So, the beings of the 7th ray and the Violet tribe, understand many will say to this channel I use, when he is working in different parts of the world, in different cultures, with different races and people, in different tribes, they will say, “Where do I know you from? I seem to know you already. Where did we work together before?” You’ve all worked together before, you’re all working together now, whether you know it or not. Since you took this incarnation you’ve been working together, whether you know it or not. This is why, when you heard the words Shamballa, or Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing, or Hari Das, or Hari Baba, you were attracted to them.

What are the people of the true Israel doing? What are the people of the Violet ray, what is your place, what is your service, why do you incarnate at this time on the planet in such large numbers? Because the time is right for change. When the time is right for change and when the consciousness of the beings of the planet is ready for change, how is this change facilitated? In many different ways: through the transmission of information from the galactic centre, through the transmission of information from the planetary systems that you may know as the astrological signs, from transmission from groups of beings which some call the Ascended Masters.

But believe me, the Ascended Masters are not the only ones wandering around in multi-dimensional reality. Do not make that mistake. They are not the only ones that have knowledge, energy and love. There are many, many, many other. In fact, this term that you use to describe these beings that are commonly known as the Ascended Masters in some ways is incorrect. At least use the term Multidimensional Masters. Many upon the planet have come to associate these energies with the term, so we’ll just adjust things slightly energetically so that when you say Multidimensional Masters you do link with this collective ascended consciousness of those beings you’ve come to know and love.

So what is your place? We’ve told you it is to aid this planet and the beings of this planet to move from the slavery that they are in into the freedom that is their birthright. Some, of course, will stand in front of groups of people and encourage them to become free. Others will just be, move around the planet, just be, live in your village, live in your town, even do a mundane job. You’re still energetically bringing the energy of change. It’s not for everybody to run around the planet shouting about freedom. If everyone in the Violet tribe were running around the planet shouting about freedom, all the airplanes would be full. You wouldn’t be able to buy a ticket anywhere. We don’t want that, we don’t ask that from everybody. What we do ask is that you understand that you, each and every one of you, that you remember your place, that you are a member of the Violet tribe, and that you are the people of the true Israel. Also that you keep focused and that you remove fear from your consciousness.

Fear is not the opposite of love, my friends. This idea that fear is the opposite of love is another part of the collective illusion. Let me tell you what fear really is: illusion. Now you thought that I was going to give you a marvellous explanation of what fear is. My marvellous explanation is that it is illusion. It is not the opposite of love. It is illusion. It is collectively generated and collectively related, in the consciousness, with beings that are involved in the slavery of this dimension.

If you understand that fear is an illusion, why is it so strong? Why does it affect you in such a way? Because you have programming in the crystals of your body. Remember we told you that all of creation is crystalline, not necessarily like the quartz, but all crystalline, and therefore is subject to be programmed with information. Within your bodies you have an energetic matrix, which I will call the core fear matrix. This core fear matrix resonates with the vibration of fear. This energy that it creates, the resonance, your conscious mind relates to. It triggers hormonal and other events in your body. In other words, things happen to you through the secretion of hormones through your physical body and fear manifests within your mind.

Another thing that helps to keep the core fear matrix in action is lack of oxygen. That’s why we tell you to breathe deeply. When you don’t breath deeply, the fear programming is triggered again and is very strong, because for many when you where born you were separated from your mother too fast. And imagine, it’s even more traumatic if chemicals were introduced into the body of your mother and you were forced to be born, or if your mother was cut and you were pulled out. It’s even more traumatic. But birth is a very traumatic thing anyway. I can tell you that dying is much easier than being born. But humans don’t in general object to being born, for the simple reason that they forget rather quickly the trauma of the birth process, because the child’s memory is not yet developed. But their cellular memory is programmed. You’re born in whatever way you are born. In the old days, in the extended families, the women knew how to give birth. They knew what needed to be done. They were experienced, they were told by others who birthed people, they knew every situation and how to take care of it. They knew when not to fight; they knew when to let the life of the child go if it was necessary. Remember, in the consciousness they knew that it’s no problem. All consciousness incarnates for a certain period of time. It may only be necessary to spend nine months in the womb of your mother and go for the birth process, and the experience you needed is finished. They knew these things; they knew when to separate the baby from their mother, the child from the mother. Know that now it is often done too quickly. So at one time you are reasonably comfortable, although maybe quite confined in the womb because you have grown so big. Hormones are triggered in the mother’s body, the birth system starts, and the birth process begins. You’re emerging to the world, but you’re still attached to your mother by the cord, you still have oxygen coming into your blood stream. You’re still supported by your mother, although you are not inside her. And then the support system, the cord, is cut, and you are forced to breathe, if you haven’t already. Maybe your mouth and your nose is full of mucus, maybe you have even been held by your feet, and the hormonal response to this is fear, fear, fear: “I’m going to die now. I can’t breathe.” And you take your breath. When you take your breath you maybe start to cry. That helps you to start to breathe. But that trauma, or the feeling that you are going to lose your body as soon as you were born, stays with you forever, unless you clear it.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in fear your breath is rapid and shallow? This triggers, as I said, hormonal responses in your body. So this is why we’re always telling you to breathe deeply. Another thing I should tell you about oxygen. Why do they cut the trees down? Why do they destroy the lungs of mother earth, why do they destroy the forests? The forests are mother earth’s lungs. She breathes in the gases that are poisons to you and she breathes out the life-giving gas oxygen. The trees are there for this transmutation process. Destroy the lungs of mother earth, cut down the forests, and there is less oxygen for you to breathe, as there is at this time upon your planet. Most humans don’t realise that, that there is hardly any oxygen to breath, there is hardly any oxygen being produced. The oxygen levels are maybe 60% down from what they were 100 years ago; you don’t realise that you are actually in danger of destroying yourselves as a species through lack of air to breathe. Just through lack of oxygen. Another question of cataclysmic events and earth changes, of nuclear war and destruction, closest to you, are you to destroy yourselves through lack of oxygen to breathe? This is why it is important that one should plant trees. You may start to realise it is more important to breathe deeply, so you can gain as much oxygen as possible from the gases that are in the atmosphere or from the gases that compose the atmosphere of your world.

So, that you are the true Israel and Violet tribe is exactly the reason why this is NOT Shamballa Reiki, why it is not Reiki at all. Another thing is that many, many people focus on this thing that you call healing. Many, many people are in the illusion that they’re healers. That is total illusion. It is another part of the slavery of ego: “I am a healer!” There are no such things as healers upon the planet. Any people who state that they are healers, I would suggest that you carefully listen to what they have to say. Don’t judge but listen. Just that will help you to understand their level of consciousness. The great news is that on planet earth there are billions of healing facilitators. Nobody heals anybody. Everybody heals himself or herself. Not one person heals another person, but what beings do is they facilitate. In other words, they make it possible for others to become whole by holding an energetic space, or by giving energies that aid them to come into this wholeness. So this is another reason why this is not Shamballa Reiki, level seven, level six, level ten, level thirteen. Are we going to go into ego and say we’ve got thirteen levels of Reiki and we’re Shamballa? We’re much better healers than you because we’ve got thirteen levels. Of course we’re not. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to allow ourselves to perform a service for others, to facilitate for others if others require that or ask it.

There isn’t any point in focusing in any philosophical way on healing, because healing, or the facilitation of healing for others, is your birthright, the same as channelling. It’s built into the model, just the same as cars have wheels. If you take the wheels off the car it will not roll. In fact it’s true that for many human beings they have taken the wheels off, so they are not rolling. They’re denying their abilities, in other words. It’s nothing holy and fantastic; it’s you, your birthright as an individual, as a human being. It’s all built in when you were created. All this was built into the model. What potential will these beings have? Well, multi-dimensional consciousness, the capability of facilitating harmony and balance for others, because if you need healing, it’s dis-ease. In other words, you’re not easy, dis-ease. The capability of facilitating healing is nothing more than a by-product of your own empowerment. A by-product of your own empowerment! Easy!

We would ask you just to understand what is happening, what you’re involved in and who you are. Of course, you have choice. Isn’t earth marvellous? A planet of free will. You can stand in your power now or you can stand in your power later. Isn’t choice marvellous? And you can have as many adventures into denial as you would like. And aren’t adventures into denial sometimes fun, especially when you realise you’re in denial and you can laugh at yourself? We want fun, what fun! You can have all kinds of adventures. I can’t begin to explain them, but I’m sure that many of you have had adventures into denial, and you’ve been through the results of denial. The result of denial is disempowerment. You start to believe that you are a miserable human, not a multi-dimensional being with all the power that God, Mother-Father God has. Isn’t it better to understand that you have the power that Mother-Father God has than to be a miserable human? What’s your choice? It really doesn’t take long to think about, does it? I will stand in the power of Mother-Father God, I am Mother-Father God, and I claim my power NOW. And as I claim it, I’m not afraid of it. As I claim it I’m not afraid to use it. As I claim it I’m not afraid of the power of others. I’m not afraid of their power. I am in harmony and balance and love, so what can happen to me? I am in harmony and balance and love and non-judgment, so I’m not going to use my power against others. The beauty of human life, the beauty of creation.

You have a marvellous opportunity on this planet now, a marvellous opportunity. Yes, you could bring the species into extinction in a few more years through lack of oxygen. Yes, you could destroy the planet with nuclear devices. You have a lot of choices. Or you could create heaven on earth. You have a choice. Create heaven on earth, and as members of the Violet tribe and people of the true Israel you are here to aid in the creation of heaven, to aid people to move into freedom and into the New Age. That’s what the New Age is: heaven on earth, a place of freedom and love, harmony and balance, a place of plenty and abundance. That’s the New Age.

Some may have questions in their minds about why, a few years ago when I spoke to this channel about gathering the Violet tribe (and I spoke to him in many, many different ways), I put forward different concepts of the gathering the Violet tribe. Because of his limited understanding in this dimensional reality, in the end I decided that I would approach it from a way that many people could relate to. I said to him in the end, “Okay, what we will do is we will incarnate the full spectrum of the Reiki energy on the planet.” I told him that I Germain was the person that incarnated Reiki [what in part later became Reiki] in Atlantis, and he was part of the tribe. His reply to me was, “Reiki, forget it. I don’t want anything to do with it. Forget it.”

It took me another two years to convince him that it was something more than the small part of Reiki that has re-manifested itself upon the planet under that name, that there was more to it than this focus on healing that was put into Reiki at that time. I also pointed out to him that the word “Reiki” was becoming very well known on the planet, and some people had actually spent billions of dollars in advertising. People saw the word Reiki and thought, “Oh yes, this is something worth doing” at that time. In the end I convinced him that we’d use the word Reiki. This is how we would get things moving. Multi-dimensional Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, what are we going to call it? Traditional Usui Reiki + Shamballa. Sure enough, although I Germain am not an expert in public relations and advertising, the concept worked. It brought people, but these people were looking for Reiki. The channel that I use, the only way that we (and I say we because there were a number of us involved in getting this channel to change his mind on everything), the way that we got him to change his mind, to actually take his place as the physical leader of the Violet tribe in this dimensional reality, was that we told him, “Don’t worry, don’t worry Hari, it’s not really about Reiki. It’s about the empowerment of people, and it’s about connecting people to their I AM Presences and all that is.” As soon as we explained that to him, he said, “Let’s do it.”

It took us years to convince him to do it, years to convince him. And even then, after we convinced him that it was a very, very good project for humanity, we still could not give him even 1% of the information about what was going to happen, because he would have said, “I can’t do it, I can’t do it, how, how, how, how, how, can’t do it. What, me? Can’t do it.” So, we just gave the pieces slowly, slowly, slowly. Even now we don’t tell him everything, because he still has an aspect of this in his character, “Can’t do it, can’t do it. No, it’s too big, can’t do it, can’t do it.” You people think that this channel is all empowered. I’ll tell you, he has got the “can’t do” mentality also hiding in the corners of his mind. I’m always trying to pull it out. It’s like using a brush that cleans bottles. Oh yes, got some more of the denial here. It’s a process for all.

So this is where it started. Maybe I’ll put this big blanket through and clear everything right away. That’s it. Remember, if you use mental floss every day it prevents truth decay. So, you could make a song, “Mental floss, every day, stops truth decay.”

So, I’m going to leave the channel now. We have been using him for awhile. We need to use him again, so we don’t want him to catch fire or anything and ascend. So, there you are. Now you understand why this is not “13-dimensional Reiki”, why this is Shamballa Multi-dimensional. You have a little bit of understanding. Maybe it’s been triggering your minds, this memory of your place in the Violet tribe, being one of these beings that are known as the true Israel. I don’t suggest at this time that you go out into the world screaming and shouting, “We are the people of the new Israel!” Because you know what will happen. “Who are these lunatics? Who are these lunatics, are they some new Jewish sect?” and all the other things that happen. We’ve just given you the information, just to help to trigger your memories in your consciousness. So for now I will just say thank you for listening.

My blessings and thank you.
Ascended Master Germain channeled by John Armitage/Hari Baba

John Armitage/Hari Baba’s web site

Originally shared between 2007 – 2012

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