The chance to dance while going through change

It’s another beautiful day and a chance to dance!

We are starting to see many changes taking place around the world. Some people may be experiencing sickness, emotional clearing, or what some may view as freak accidents. However there are no accidents and freak occurrences. There are only situations that occur that change the direction of our life path. To be better aligned with our life purpose and lessons. There are also earth, economic, governmental and society changes taking place and again there are no freak occurrences with these either. All experiences are a result of what we personally and collectively have set in motion. We are responsible for everything that manifests within our life experience. If we have not personally set it in motion. We have agreed on some level to experience it. This acknowledgment of how things manifest within our lives in just another level of learning who we really are. To awaken to more of our own existence.

In order for change to happen, shifts have to occur. Right now these shifts are happening on many levels. These things are happening right before our eyes. However there are still many that wish to shield themselves from change and act in the illusion that nothing is happening. They say please do not tell or show me that, for I do not want to know. They do not wish to see the real world or get to know more of who they really are. They wish to live in the illusion for which they hold onto within their mind. If they only knew that their true Self does not lie within the perception of the mind.

The human mind is easily overloaded when faced with many challenges at once. It can only process so much information. When it gets over loaded it shuts down and try’s to shield itself or creates fear. The mind will say how can I be happy now at this very minute with so much chaos going on around me? However it is this retreating inwards that creates separation from a persons true Self. This is why it is so important to expand our individual awareness to the higher levels of our Self consciousness. So we will be at peace and balance with our surroundings no matter what we are being faced with. In order to do this we have to be at peace and balance within ourselves. If we are not at peace and balance within oursleves we cannot expect to be at peace and balance with the environment that exists in the world around us. By moving our awareness to the higher levels of our own being we can work, and see things from a higher perspective. That comprehends information on a much broader view compared to the ability of the mind. That does not get overloaded when faced with change.

We may be faced with many challenges. To be in balance and work for the higher good of oursleves and all. We have to move beyond the way we are used to handling situations. To let go of the patterns for which we have created and consciously use. To be in balance within ourselves, so that we may be of service to all that we are called to assist.

The mind sees everything from the view of polarity and duality. However our higher perspective consciousness sees beyond duality and therefore can clear and bring energy and assistance to other levels that the mind consciosuness is not aware of. For example we may want to focus on the causes of why sickness is happening. Instead of just the sickness itself. Sending energy to the pattern or blockage that created the sickness. This same view can be used on a broader level. When looking at the people uprising and standing up for their freedoms around the world. Our mind will want to take sides but from the view of our expanded Self we may want to just send love to both sides without judgment. For it is through the cooperation of all sides that creates stability and balance. So it is up to us individually to stop feeding the duality within the world and through our own networks and personal connections. By changing our everyday actions and views we will be dissolving the drama and energy that continues the duality environment for which we know.

This choice for which I speak is not an easy choice when viewed from the conscious mental mind. However when viewed from the expanded Self of the Soul or IAM Presence consciousness it is only the natural way of doing things. To love without conditions in all situations. To be in service to all without fear of the outcome or reason. Just to assist in the highest good and will of all involved to the best of ones ability. There is no fear of loosing the physical body through death for this level of your own being knows it’s life beyond the physical body. Then there is no more need for fear for the everlasting knowledge of ones presence is perceived. Then this inner knowing is reflected within the world for which you know.

So today as any day we have the chance to see and live from the higher level of our own being or live and handle things from the mental mind that only sees the world from the perception of duality, fear and judgment. The choice is always ours individually. To dance or not to dance with our everlasting Self. To take action and spread the Light that exists from our expanded conscious view or continue to shield oursleves from the unknown and live in the illusion.

Love, live and be free. Within all change there is opportunity. This opportunity is here TODAY! The key lies within your own heart. Unlock IT and let GO of all the turbulence that exists within your mind. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The Light within all is everlasting. You can think about it all you want but true change comes when you live it! BE and LIVE the change for which you wish to see in the world! Dance in the higher Light of your own Being! Take action and allow change to happen!

Here is a cool video of someone choosing to dance. : )

Peace and love,

Originally written between 2007 – 2012

Joe Weaver is a worldwide facilitator, intuitive life and wellness coach. He specializes in meditation, personal transformation, sound and energy therapy. READ BIO

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