What IF What You Believed to be True was an Illusion?

What if there are cures and alternatives for treating cancer and other dis-eases but they have been suppressed due to greed and control?

What if 9/11 was another false flag operation carried out to instill fear and anger within the people of the United States so the invasion of other countries could be carried out? In addition what if explosives were used to implode the buildings in New York city? Two planes did hit two buildings that day but “three” building fell down.

What if the illuminati and a worldwide control program is real?

What if vaccinations actually cause more imbalance and long term side effects within the body than what is being acknowledged? In addition what if one of the main reasons for the increase in the amount of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations being given to children and adults today compared to 50 years ago is pressure coming from pharmaceutical companies so they gain more profits?

What if free energy technologies exist?

What if religion has been used as a tool to keep the people trapped within their minds, so they do not discover their own divine potential and perfection through their heart?

What if extraterrestrial life has been known about for decades but has been covered up by government agencies? In addition what if one day the government came out and said the reason why they kept the truth of extraterrestrial life from the people was because they thought the truth would be too much for the people to consciously handle?

What if we are all Eternal Beings having a physical experience? For instance 200 years ago most people “believed” the earth was flat until some people physically sailed around the world and found out it was round? What if we are now just awakening and remembering who we are eternally and multi-dimensionally?

What if you realized that the things I have mentioned above were actually true and what you believed to be true before was an illusion? Would you be upset, fearful or angry? Would you be upset with yourself because of your own ignorance? Why? Haven’t we been taught that ignorance is bliss and we should not question authority? So why would you be upset if you learned more about a truth, instead of joyfully embracing it? So now ask yourself if we were not giving our power away to other people to tell us the truth would we be in this situation? Most likely not. Sometimes when our bubble of awareness gets burst we get defensive and or angry. Just as some of you that are reading this might be feeling the need to defend your viewpoint/beliefs regarding the information I have shared above. Maybe right now there is a voice within your head that is trying to reassure you that what you believe is true. We have a choice to listen to this voice within our head or not. Just because there is a voice within your head it doesn’t mean you have to listen to it! Beliefs are illusions within our heads my friends that we have not physically experienced yet. Once we physically experience something then it is no longer a belief. If you notice I’m not telling you what to believe, only the choices we have available to us. If this information has angered or upset you in some way, means it’s pushed your buttons. If this is the case then I have done my job in writing this information. The buttons are the veils and barriers that we have created within our own minds, that shields our awareness from another level of truth. When we commit and hold onto a belief it works the same as a contract. Contracts can be changed and released just as easily as we can release the beliefs we hold onto. When we hold onto and defend a belief it limits our awareness to other perspectives. Just as it’s been said and written before, BE OPEN and you will be filled. This is not a belief its the way our consciousness works. We have to be willing to RELEASE what we are holding onto in order to be filled with more knowledge and understanding. Just like the AH-HA moments that we have when we gain greater understanding about something. This is what ILLUMINATION means, when a space is filled with more light. We are currently going through a massive awakening on Earth, “Illumination of Light”. The veils of unawareness within us are being dissolved, so in many ways it’s just the TRUTH that is being revealed. We have the choice to accept the truth or be in denial of it. Beliefs are not bad or wrong, they just are that they are. Life is filled with choices. So this is the reason for me writing all of this today. I wanted to provide some ways to look at what we are currently going through individually and collectively. Do your own self discovery through your heart, find the truth out for yourself. Empower yourself and don’t rely on others to tell you the truth or who you are. If you wish to believe in something, believe in yourself! Stand in the power of your heart awareness. Self empowerment and self discovery go hand in hand. It is through our heart we allow our infinite knowledge and potential to flow and blossom. This is not a belief it is a fact, find it out for yourself!

Turn your lights ON!

Joe Weaver

Originally written between 2007 – 2012

Joe Weaver is a worldwide facilitator, intuitive life and wellness coach. He specializes in meditation, personal transformation, sound and energy therapy. READ BIO

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