About Joe Weaver:

Since his birth in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, in November of 1969, Joe has been closely connected with nature and the Earth and continues to spend his time outdoors, going hiking, camping and more. In his 20‘s his beloved uncle, Skip, developed cancer. This was a turning point in Joe’s life. By observing his uncle’s self-healing approach to cancer, Joe witnessed the benefits of natural, alternative thinking and treatments. The choices that Skip made allowed him to live many years beyond what his doctors had projected. This experience provided Joe with the example of what is possible and available beyond traditional medicine.

In his early 30’s Joe began researching how the vibration of food effects the health of the physical body. He was a raw food vegetarian for a period of time which assisted him in detoxing his body and losing unhealthy weight. Joe then focused his studies on the power of the mind and the effect that our thoughts have on our overall health. He researched and attended seminars focused on energy therapy, self empowerment and healthy living. It was also during this time that he started practicing yoga. In 2008 Joe attended a 4-day New Paradigm MDT seminar course that assisted greatly with his own personal transformation, awakening and remembrance. Joe further trained in France and became a teacher of the New Paradigm MDT seminar courses. Currently he facilitates these courses for people around the world.

Joe is a teacher and intuitive life Coach. He offers a wealth of free information on healthy living, meditation, personal transformation, ascension and the metamorphosis we are currently experiencing on Earth through his YouTube channel and web site, thedivinebalance.com. Joe is devoted to his work of offering tools and resources that assist with humanity’s transition into the New Paradigm of Earth.

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