Expanding through the levels of enlightenment

My definition of the word “expand” and in the context for which I am using it means; “the act of seeing a new perspective from what was previously viewed. To expand the awareness of ones consciousness beyond what was previously known. Not by retaining knowledge but through seeing things from other angles that were not […] Read more

The 7th ray of the Violet Tribe

The Violet Tribe; people wonder what is this. What kind of concept is this? Let me tell you that all ones that are attracted to Shamballa are all 7th ray beings, are all predominantly working with 7th ray energies, and the colour of the 7th ray is Violet. Hence, the Violet tribe. But there is […] Read more

Introduction & benefits of voice toning

Voice toning is a tool that assists in the clearing and expansion of our energetic systems. The ability to use this tool of the breath in combination with the voice is really an untapped resource in our current society. The vibration of the voice and breath can clear and expand a persons energetic systems well […] Read more

What is a belief?

A belief is a product created by the mind. Through a persons life the mind collects it’s experiences into it’s memory bank. This memory bank of information is what the mind relates to when it experiencing it’s reality. It relates what it is currently being faced with to it’s past experiences. These past experiences and […] Read more

For the FUN of it Homiji, the first post…

“Homiji, there is no need to debate, going around and around in your head will make it hard to integrate.” This is the first posting on my new web site joe-weaver.com, many things have changed which include myself. I haven’t shared very much this year via writing or in videos compared to previous years. My […] Read more

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