Common Sense & The COR-RO-RO

Hello everyone, I put together a few things here for everyone to think about regarding the COR-RO-RO hype/truth/situation. Disclaimer, I am not a traditional DR, I am only sharing what to me should be common sense. Take of it what aligns with you.

As tests become more available the numbers of positive cases are likely to rise. However just because someone tests positive does not mean they are experiencing physical symptoms, difficulty, or are contagious.

In regards to the masks think about this. If you restricted the amount of airflow entering your car/vehicle engine it would NOT run well. The same goes for our physical body. If we are walking, running, exercising, or breathing heavily, and we restrict the amount of air/oxygen entering our body something is not going to work well. Yes be respectful around people with weakened immune systems and do what is needed, but at the same time you have to take care of yourself.

Requiring someone to take a vaccine that already has the antibodies, is like giving a vaccine for chickenpox to someone that has already had chickenpox. A mandatory vaccine is not needed!

Our environment is overflowing with viruses, bacteria, and microbes. It’s what we are made of and is also the reason why our planet is referred to as a “biosphere”. There is nothing sustainable about fearing ourselves or what we are made of. If we try and isolate ourselves from our own biology, we are not truly LIVING. In order for us to thrive and live in balance with nature we must not work against it but with it!

Do what you can to boost your immune system. Change up your eating patterns from time to time. Since approximately 80% of our bodies energy is used in digesting food, give your digestive system a break. For example try a fast or cleanse for 5-7 days. There are lot of different ways to do this one of my favorites is to eliminate everything and simply drink smoothies, juice, or eat fruit for several days. It allows the energy that would normally be used in digesting food to be used in other parts of the body and boosts the immune system. Some other suggestions would be to sweat out some toxins in a steam room, sauna, or while doing yoga. Another one that is especially beneficial and very few people do is a lymphatic drainage massage.

Lastly, do YOUR OWN research and verify information with other sources, and I’m not talking about simply switching the channel on your TV from CNN to FOX news. Watch videos and read articles from other sources. The most important thing is FEEL the information, do not just believe someone or something, FEEL the information. This is the best way to build your inner discernment of the REAL truth. Release the fear and the truth becomes a lot easier to see. I hope this information assists, here are a few other resources for you to view if you like.

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As we allow our hearts to lead us into the uncharted waters of the new. The limiting beliefs are released, which gives way for our inner knowingness and remembrance to flow. Our consciousness accelerates and expands revealing layers of reality and existence that were once hidden from our view. We are a new star in the sky and our path is clear and open to create what our hearts desire.

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