COR-RO-RO Update – February 2021

Hello Everyone! Well HERE WE ARE, one year after the shit hit the fan! So I figured it might be beneficial to share an overall update. I invite you to view my post Common Sense & The COR-RO-RO from April of 2020. Everything I shared then is still relevant and beneficial today. A reminder I am not a tradition DR, I am only sharing with you the information I have gathered and rings true with me. Take of this what you wish and simply leave the rest. As I explained in my other post DO YOUR OWN research! Do not blindly believe what I, the media or anyone else shares.

Approximately 80% of people experience little or NO symptoms when exposed to the corona virus.

Currently covid cases in the US are down approximately 60% from a few months ago. The main reason for this is accredited to the increase of herd immunity and peoples immune systems naturally growing stronger due to exposure.

Researchers in Canada discovered with the first wave in 2020, that NOT ONE death was directly due to the virus. Every person that died had at least one underlying condition. In fact NEARLY ALL deaths to date in the US have had at least one underlying condition.

Even though media outlets continue to push vaccination propaganda on a daily basis. Approximately 50% of people plan to get vaccinated and currently of those less than 10% have received the shots.

Getting a vaccination DOES NOT guarantee you will not get the virus and or spread the virus to others. In fact there have been plenty of people testing positive weeks after receiving their 2nd shot.

People have had major reactions to receiving the vaccinations and many have died directly from taking the shots.

The covid vaccinations do not last forever. As there are new variants of the flu that come out each year. The covid virus will continue to mutate over time. Just as with yearly flu shots, manufacturers are already calling for booster/yearly shots going forward. Being that most of the new RNA/DNA manipulating vaccinations are still in the experimental phase. No one knows what the long term health effects will be for taking the first one or two shots. My question is what will happen when someone continues to take MULTIPLE RNA manipulating shots over a period of years? Manipulating our biology through RNA/DNA is not the solution!

Several studies have shown that people with low vitamin D levels experienced more severe reactions to the virus. If you view the vitamin D scale from 0 – 100, anything below 20 is considered critically low. The optimal range is between 40 – 80 and over 100 is too high. According to a study I read nearly 85% of the population have low levels of vitamin D. So nearly everyone should be taking a vitamin D supplement especially in the winter months.

Even though large businesses continue to be packed with people on a daily basis. Small businesses continue to suffer due to FEAR and not the actual virus.

It’s a proven fact that fear weakens your immune system, and as I continue to share there is no way to see the real truth through the eyes of fear. So the question I have for you is if fear weakens and blinds you, WHY continue living in fear?

It’s not a conspiracy that we already have an intelligent fully functioning immune system that learns and grows stronger with experience. Our biology is so much more advanced than what we have been led to believe. If you take care of your earth vessel, eat well and exercise it greatly increases your recovery time when you get sick. The focus should not be on not getting sick but how well are we prepared for WHEN WE DO get sick. Years ago when chicken pox was around, some mothers would plan when their children would get it. Yes, it’s true. So their child would not miss school while having chicken pox they would get their kid to play with another that had the chicken pox virus just before a school vacation. The child would get sick for a few weeks and recover. Once the body learns it grows stronger, the same exact thing is happening with covid. The more we come in contact with the virus our systems learn. When we come in contact with a variant/mutation of it, we are able to handle it much more effectively. Like so many DR’s have already shared, complete seclusion is not the best long term solution. It’s the same thing with hand sanitizers. Countless studies have shown that overuse of hand sanitizers actually will weaken you instead of assist you. So my main point is we cannot continue to stay locked up and expect all of this to just go away. It’s not going to! We must move forward and allow our bodies to do what they were originally designed to do, which is learn, adapt and change. We are not victims! Yes people have died, I have known many who have. Love flowing to everyone who has transitioned and everyone’s families. If many of them could share their words with you now many would be saying. Focus on the quality of your life! They would much rather see you free of stress and happy than living in fear and seclusion.

If there is one thing I have learned so far in this life is if you truly wish to know someone’s intentions observe their ACTIONS! I ask you all to observe the actions of the media over this last year. The majority of what they have been sharing is fear, fear, fear and you are a victim, victim, victim. Instead of what you can do to assist your body in growing stronger. The importance of vitamin D, natural alternatives, fresh air, peace of mind, and self empowerment. How and what to eat so when you get sick you are able to recover more easily. NO we are not hearing this from the media. If all you hear from someone is fear, fear, fear it’s manipulation and nothing else. Inform yourself and stay strong. These fear porn masters would keep us delusional, sick and fearful forever if they could. For all that are doubting my words, simply look at the proof of their actions! So let’s stop giving our power away to these people!

I am not discounting anyone’s actions or choices to this point, we all have free will. Do what YOU wish to do. However I suggest we release the fear, open things back up and truly start LIVING!

Here are a few resource videos for those that are interested :
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Disclaimer: There is no need to make a comment such as where is the source of the information I am sharing. My response will always be the same “do your own research”! I do not need to prove anything to anyone. To me the facts and truth is clear.

Joe Weaver

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