From Fire to Rebirth

It is one thing to pray for rain in Australia and it is another to envision yourself being the rain.

Take a few moments and breath, then with focused intent see yourself in the sky above an area in Australia that you would like to focus on. Now see, feel and imagine yourself as water droplets forming into a cloud. See the cloud growing with moisture and expanding, expanding, expanding. Now feel the release as you as these water droplets fall from the sky and into the fire and on the ground. As you breath your water extinguishes the fire, turns into steam and then evaporates into the air. More and more water droplets falling over the whole area until all the fires are extinguished. Continue to see your water droplets hitting the ground and soaking into the dirt and replenishing the soil. See your essence soaking into the seeds and sparking life. See these seeds begin to sprout. The grass and flowers starts to grow. It’s the sweet smell of renewal. See the birds and animals eating and playing. Now with your next breath feel the aspect of yourself that is tied into this region. Feel and sense the reason for why the fires were needed and what it was transmuting. Then without judgment for this reason feel things coming into balance and harmonizing. See and feel rebirth taking place and then flourishing. See the transformational process complete and hold this vision for the days to come. Whenever you feel or sense an imbalance simply repeat these steps.

Praying is like asking for something to be done and intension with focus is actually being a part of the change. There is no right or wrong, it is simply a choice how much we are involved.

As we allow our hearts to lead us into the uncharted waters of the new. The limiting beliefs are released, which gives way for our inner knowingness and remembrance to flow. Our consciousness accelerates and expands revealing layers of reality and existence that were once hidden from our view. We are a new star in the sky and our path is clear and open to create what our hearts desire.

May these tools and resources assist you through this exciting time of change. Relax, recharge, rejuvenate and remember your natural state of being! READ BIO OF JOE WEAVER

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