You know what I am tired of hearing? It’s the constant news or information about something that is coming…….

Bill Gates and others will one day be arrested for their crimes against humanity. Fuck that, arrest their asses NOW!

A New Earth is coming. NO….the New Earth is already here all we have to do is start LIVING it NOW!

UFO disclosure is coming. Bullshit! UFO’s have already been disclosed by government agencies, the only thing left is for the people to except this fact.

The Galactic Federation, Jesus or a Lord is coming to save us. Remember WE are our own saviors through our own self discovery. No one is coming to save anyone. By remembering who we are we move our awareness from a space of victimhood into EMPOWERMENT. We are responsible for this and no one else.

One day I will be free of this toxic negative sludge of a realty. When thoughts like this flow through your mind always remember the EGO is an escape artist. FREEDOM already exists here and NOW! When you take the time to contemplate this, you will realize there is NO WAY to escape from yourself, because YOU are already EVERYTHING!

My friends I want to remind you of the POWER of your perceptions. If there are perceptions within your awareness of something coming, shift these perceptions into the NOW. Do not just believe in this, but know it and feel it. A simple shift in perception can have a DRAMATIC influence on our collective consciousness. So how do we shift into the NEW? We are accomplishing this one perceptual shift in consciousness at a time!

Something to ponder………..
One part of nature does not eliminate another part of nature unless the scenario is agreed upon by the role being playing. What many have not remembered or realized yet is their place within nature. Are you acting as ONE with nature or are you working against it? Are you trying to separate yourself from nature by living through the artificial? What role are you currently playing in your life, the cancer cell or the white blood cell?

Joe Weaver

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As we allow our hearts to lead us into the uncharted waters of the new. The limiting beliefs are released, which gives way for our inner knowingness and remembrance to flow. Our consciousness accelerates and expands revealing layers of reality and existence that were once hidden from our view. We are a new star in the sky and our path is clear and open to create what our hearts desire.

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