New Paradigm MDT 4-DAY Class ~ June 2020 ~ Raleigh, NC (PENDING)

The New Paradigm MDT courses are advanced tools for personal transformation and self-healing. There are no specific symbols, practices, or techniques affiliated with these courses. The focus is instead on awakening your multi-dimensional senses and remembrance. Through the process of connecting with the levels of your multi-dimensionality; you become a pure conduit for the full spectrum of love known as the New Paradigm. Embodying these energies will not only assist with your personal transformation but also everything, and everyone, including the Earth through these times of change.

The four-day 13D Master is an in-depth exploration of self-love and discovery. The 13 individual light code activations assist in awakening your dormant DNA, energy system circuitry, and expanded senses. As a result, you are able to re-establish the connection with your original divine personal seed blueprint. We also discuss the process of channeling and be given the opportunity to connect with your I AM Presence and multidimensional assistance team. No prerequisite is required to attend this life-changing four-day adventure. Only the willingness to release the fear and remember who you are!

Raleigh, North Carolina
June 12 – 15, 2020 (DATES PENDING)
9:00am – 5:00pm each day

Attendees will receive a resource manual and a numbered certificate.
Please register before MAY 29

Testimonial from Sherry N. (Raleigh, NC)

For those that have taken many healing modalities and been on this path a while, I would say that 13D and the 13D Upgrade will help you clear and release any and all accumulations of beliefs, programs, limiting thoughts and anything else not for your highest good. It is a step into freeing yourself of all limitations and standing in your true empowerment of all that you divinely are. Connecting more with your own divinity within… you’re I AM Presence and Godself …. a place within that knows more about you than you can imagine. For those that are new to this spiritual path and journey, this is a great place to start and be more connected to your own Higher Self/I AM Presence right from the beginning and continue from there. The 13D upgrade was a breath of fresh air and self-empowerment. Joe is very supportive through the process to all in attendance and the time flew by. The group was great and lots of connections made. If you are reading this, your I AM Presence is already nudging you to step more into WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Blessings

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As we allow our hearts to lead us into the uncharted waters of the new. The limiting beliefs are released, which gives way for our inner knowingness and remembrance to flow. Our consciousness accelerates and expands revealing layers of reality and existence that were once hidden from our view. We are a new star in the sky and our path is clear and open to create what our hearts desire.

May these tools and resources assist you through this exciting time of change. Relax, recharge, rejuvenate and remember your natural state of being! READ BIO OF JOE WEAVER

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