Intuitive Life Wellness Coaching

Whether you are looking for an Energetic Tune-Up, suggestions on how to relieve stress, or navigating the changes taking place in your life. I am available to assist! Each session is specifically tailored for you and may include:

  • Techniques for how to master your thoughts, release stress and quiet the mind.
  • How to reprogram addictive patterns and habits.
  • A plan for detoxing the physical body, boosting immunity and overall health.
  • Techniques for releasing fear, anger and voice of the ego.
  • Suggestions for raising the vibration in your home environment and where you sleep.
  • Techniques for sustaining your vibrance and energy around other people and at work.
  • An overall clearing and alignment of your energetic systems.

Sessions can assist with:

  • Physical health and well being.
  • Relieving stress, anger, and fear.
  • Relationships with your family, work and collective world.
  • Greater centeredness and alignment within the present moment.
  • Increased frequency of your individual vibration/light quotient.
  • Clarity and focus in meditation and in your life.
  • Comprehending your intuitive abilities and how you are receiving information.
  • Deciphering and decoding your dreams.
  • Alignment and greater knowingness of your divine plan.
  • Building a more healthy relationship with your 5-body system: physical, mental, emotional, astral and spiritual self.

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Available worldwide via phone and zoom @ $72.00 per hour. Email to schedule a session.