Ban, block and censor it……This is the WAY of the EGO…

Fear and hate it……This is the WAY of the EGO…

We must increase our shields of protection……This is the WAY of the EGO…

I do not see this as the truth, so it must by wrong……This is the WAY of the EGO…

Our natural authentic self cannot be capable of this much power so therefore we must create through the artificial……This is the WAY of the EGO…

I am powerless and therefore I must follow……This is the WAY of the EGO…

For the safety of all, everyone must conform……This is the WAY of the EGO…

We must fear the unknown for our own protection…….This is the WAY of the EGO…

Have you ever thought about who and what will be left once you have censored, restricted, feared, hated, and pushed away everyone? That’s right the EGO! However there is an option and it is openness, fearlessness, compassion, self empowerment and love. The things the EGO does not understand IS the way to FREEDOM and UNITY. The ways of the EGO are ingrained in every aspect of this reality. In order to truly move forward beyond it, we must first acknowledge what is being chosen. Once observed we are able to make new choices. REMEMBER there is NO WAY to see the truth for which I am speaking THROUGH the eyes of the EGO. Expand your levels of inner discernment by RELEASING these old ways of fear and hate. Instead of believing the truth, you will then KNOW the TRUTH. You will go from a follower and believer to self informed and self sustaining. It will be easier to see the EGO’s artificial creations for what they are, Artificial! So when you hear and see fear, fear, fear you will be able to smile and know THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH! IF you truly wish to live in freedom and see the illusions of this world for what they are……….THIS IS THE WAY!

For more on these topics I invite you to watch and share my latest videos listed below!

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The control wants order, however the Natural Order represents Freedom!

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Information about the increased confusion, fear, and anxiety within the collective; including where the confusion originates, nothing is out of “control”, the intelligence of anxiety and the anxiety reset method.

Sometimes it’s beneficial for the ego to be in a uncomfortable place!

Why I do not VOTE (watch)
In this video I share my perspective and reasons for why I do not vote.

Honoring FREE WILL (watch)
Free will can be an in-depth topic when viewed multidimensionally. However when simplified it all comes down to respect. As we continue to step into the New Paradigm and begin to truly live in freedom. It’s essential we respect the sovereign rights and free will of others.

Replacing Worry with Gratitude & Clearance Meditation (watch)
In this video I give examples and discuss the following topics. – How stress effects the health of the physical body – Releasing the heaviness and stress of worry/the unknown – The benefits of living in gratitude – What are thought forms and how we create them – Reprograming and changing our thought patterns – A short clearance meditation

Balancing Our Collective Brain/Consciousness (watch)
In this video I give examples of how to release the dualistic game and assist the balancing of our collective consciousness. To truly see beyond this dualistic reality we must allow transformation to happen within ourselves. – The concept of brain balancing – Seeing both sides of the coin or multi-dimensionally – The political game is a distraction – As a collective we are still in elementary school – A message to light/earth workers – Level 3 of the 100 monkey effect – Joining the Federation Of Free Worlds

The Thorn of Resentment :: G-U-R-U BOOT CAMP (watch)
I share examples of how resentment clouds our view of reality and ways to release it. Resentment exists a lot deeper within the levels of consciousness than most people think. It is a very prominent influencer within our collective consciousness. Anything you can do to release these levels of resentment from your own self, will assist us all through these days of great change.