As we allow our hearts to lead us into the uncharted waters of the new. The limiting beliefs are released, which gives way for our inner knowingness and remembrance to flow. Our consciousness accelerates and
expands revealing layers of reality and existence that were once hidden from our view. We are a new star in the sky and our path is clear and open to creating what our hearts desire.


My path is very similar to most of yours. I was physically born November 12th of 1969 within the mountains of Pennsylvania. I have been closely connected with nature since a young age and continue to spend lots of time outdoors. In my early adult years, my uncle’s self-healing approach to cancer provided a great example of the power we all have within. In my early 30’s I began learning how the vibration of food affects the health of the mind and physical body. I was a raw food vegetarian for a period of time and tested all kinds of techniques for detoxing the body and mind. I have practiced many different forms of Yoga, which to this day continues to be a great tool. I have read countless books, researched and attended classes on energy therapy, self-empowerment, and healthy living. Traveled to other parts of the world and shared with others what it means to live in meditation. With all of my experiences and as I continue to go through my own process of remembering how to live multi-dimensionally. There is one thing that is very clear. The transformational power of everyday life is the ticket to our freedom. It does not matter how many books we have read, the number of classes attended, or how long we have sat in meditation. The choices we make while going through daily life are the stepping stones creating our path. The interactions and challenges we face assist us with remembering who we are. As we allow transformation to happen within ourselves, everything around us also transforms. This is the reason why I continue to share that, it is through our own personal transformation we transform the world.

I am honored to be here with you! May the tools and resources I share assist you on your path.
Joe Weaver