Remembering Atlantis :: Same Shit Another Day!

Remembering Atlantis :: Same Shit Another Day!

Hello Everyone!

All that has happened over the last year has triggered levels of remembrance. As many of you know, I have been very outspoken about the mandatory lockdowns and restrictions on free will. In addition to all of this I now understand why the new RNA/DNA manipulating vaccines have sparked so much frustration within me. I now realize in one of my lifetimes in Atlantis I was very outspoken about DNA manipulating programs also. Which in many ways were much more advanced and widespread than what they are here now. This remembrance in many ways feels like dejavu, or you could say realizing it’s the same shit just another day. This realization also brought through lots of sadness connected with seeing the effects and outcomes of what DNA manipulation creates. Similar to now, in Atlantis there were people who spoke out about DNA manipulation however in the end those in control of these programs were able to continue.

There is absolutely nothing beneficial that is going to come out of “artificially” manipulating your DNA or consciousness. By excepting the path of the artificial you are bypassing your natural ability to adapt, change and heal yourself. What many do not understand is that EVERYTHING is connected within us. DNA is an expression or vehicle of consciousness. If you alter one part it’s going to affect the other parts. This is the same reason why in the New Paradigm workshops we work with people to “consciously” reprogram their DNA. To activate and unlock your “natural” abilities. The path of the artificial be it through DNA manipulation or otherwise is a closed loop of consciousness. Meaning it does not lead to anywhere but only further into enslavement.

Now that I have had this realization of remembrance I am contemplating the best way for me to share truth. Simply sharing meme’s on facebook has some effect sure LOL. However if history is to repeat and the people allow the artificial masters of manipulation to continue with their agenda, it’s going to be a challenging ride for us all. The same “artificial masters of manipulation” that were in control in Atlantis are the same ones incarnate now. Yes the same psychopath’s such as Gates were in Atlantis also. So as I mentioned I will be experimenting with some new ways of sharing the truth, no matter what cancel/censorship culture says! One thing is for sure, I am not going to just sit back and not say anything while history repeats itself. As some of you know or may not know, the Age Of Atlantis on Earth ended in disaster due to those following the path of the artificial! We can either learn from history and change or repeat it until we do learn. My hope is more people will wake up to the point where we do not repeat it and choose a new path!

Joe Weaver

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