New Paradigm Multi-dimensional Transformation

Founded by John Armitage, the New Paradigm MDT master classes are a system of life changing experiences focused on personal transformation, self-healing and empowerment. The activations and clearings assist you in releasing the programs of fear and the limitations tied into the old paradigm. Giving you the opportunity to remember and embody your true natural essence of being love. Once activated you become a pure conduit for these energies to flow through you at all times. In turn assisting everyone and everything around you in healing and transforming back into wholeness!

If you are ready to release fear, step into your power, and remember who you truly are, then these classes are for you!

The details for each class can be found through the following links.

NPMDT 2-Day Master Class
NPMDT 3-Day Master Teacher Class
NPMDT 4-Day 13D Master Class
NPMDT 2-Day 13D Master Upgrade Class

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Practical tools that I can use in my everyday life…

Ann P.

Lilesville, North Carolina

To be awake, to be alive, to be aware…

Cindy S.

Hamilton, Virginia

Freed me from “slavery of the mind”…

Stacy D.

Canton, Ohio

This course literally changed my life…

Michelle J.

Brooklyn, New York

Helps facilitate one in connection with their true essence…

Maggie M.

Cleveland Hights, Ohio