New Paradigm Multi-dimensional Transformation

The New Paradigm MDT master classes are a system of life changing experiences focused on personal transformation, self-healing and empowerment. That assist with releasing the program of fear, limitation and illusions that are tied into the old paradigm. Giving you the opportunity to integrate and embody your natural state of being with greater ease and grace. The result of becoming a more open conduit for the frequencies of love assists everyone and everything around you in healing and transforming back into WHOLENESS!

ATLANTEAN ROOTS: The origins of this system lie way back in pre-history. Master Germain was incarnate in Atlantis at the time. He brought through from Source and the Universe the original system in order to help in the evolution of low vibrational beings that were being used as slaves. He wanted to make this slavery unacceptable and to free these beings from their bondage of ignorance. The system today is much expanded, for we are ready for much higher energies now, but its purpose is similar–-to free us from our bondage of ignorance, to bring us into the Love and Freedom of our own mastery. What does it mean to be a Master? It does not mean power over others. It simply means being a Master of oneself, as any true Master will tell you. WHAT IS THIS ENERGY? No less than the collective consciousness of the Ascended and Galactic Masters. This resonance is now available to us, as we open the crystalline energy matrices within our energy fields to receive it. This “Diamond Frequency” is a highly-refined and extremely transformational frequency and also a very powerful healing energy. Activations to this frequency allow us access to the new codings which are being downloaded through the Galactic Centers, to stabilize and harmonize humanity’s and the Earth’s harmonics to become One Unified Harmonic. Receiving the new codings and operating within the Diamond Frequency will mean increased multi-dimensional awareness, and eventually developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the other multidimensional senses that we have forgotten about but are our birthright as children of Mother / Father Source.

“NOW is the time to release all unnecessary programs from the past and to prepare to receive the new energies coming in. We are co-creating here on Earth things beyond our imagination. You are invited to be present in each and every moment, and to enjoy the dance through to the end of time.

If you ready to release fear, step into your power and remember who you truly are then these classes are for you!

The details for each class can be found through the following links.

NPMDT 2-Day Master Class
NPMDT 3-Day Master Teacher Class
NPMDT 4-Day 13D Master Class
NPMDT 2-Day 13D Master Upgrade Class

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Mahatma Love Meditation & Activation : Friday Sept 9th @ 6:00pm : Raleigh, NC

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Mahatma Love Meditation & Activation : Friday Oct 21st @ 6:00pm : Raleigh, NC

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Practical tools that I can use in my everyday life…

Ann P.

Lilesville, North Carolina

To be awake, to be alive, to be aware…

Cindy S.

Hamilton, Virginia

Freed me from “slavery of the mind”…

Stacy D.

Canton, Ohio

This course literally changed my life…

Michelle J.

Brooklyn, New York

Helps facilitate one in connection with their true essence…

Maggie M.

Cleveland Hights, Ohio