New Paradigm MDT 4-Day 13D Master Class

The New Paradigm MDT master classes are a system of life changing experiences focused on personal transformation, self-healing and empowerment. The activations and clearings assist you in releasing the programs of fear and the limitations tied into the old paradigm. Giving you the opportunity to remember and embody your true natural essence of being love. Once activated you become a pure conduit for these energies to flow through you at all times. In turn assisting everyone and everything around you in healing and transforming back into wholeness!

The four-day 13D Master is an in-depth exploration of self-love and discovery. The 13 individual light code activations assist in awakening your dormant DNA, energy system circuitry, and expanded senses. As a result, you are able to re-establish the connection with your original divine personal seed blueprint. We also discuss the process of channeling and be given the opportunity to connect with your I AM Presence and multidimensional assistance team. No prerequisite is required to attend this life-changing four-day adventure. Only the willingness to release the fear and remember who you are!

You will experience:

> What it means to step into your power and freedom.
> How to release fear and empower yourself with love.
> Activations of the most powerful healing, and transformational energies available on the planet! (the energies of Shamballa!).
> Discussions on the science of DNA re-programming and how our DNA holds the remembrance of our eternal knowingness, ancestral heritage, and past life experiences.
> How our mind creates beliefs and how these beliefs and emotions affect our overall health and well-being.
> The importance of grounding and how it is tied into the transformation of earth/universe.
> A voice toning exercise that assists in clearing energy from your chakras and levels of consciousness.
> The science behind how energy is channeled through the levels of consciousness and be given the opportunity to practice channeling.
> What self mastery means to you as an individual.
> Advanced techniques for clearing the levels of your energetic systems.
> Exercises that will assist in identifying and strengthening your intuitive abilities.
> Meditation exercises that assist with more clarity, focus, harmony, and balance in your life.

Guided group meditations:

> Transmuting Thought Forms & Energetic Connections: We will clear and dissolve the energies, cords, programs, and technologies that are no longer serving you.

> Opening to Mahatma: In the meditation we utilize the Mahatma to clear the 12 levels of your chakra system and activate you with these energies.

> Illuminating the Diamond Within You: The Diamond Frequency within most people has been lying dormant and not flowing through the physical body. This meditation illuminates the Diamond Core within your heart which then allows the Diamond Frequency of Consciousness within you to flow with greater ease.

> DNA Re-Programming & Activations: We clear reset and activate your original 12 strands of DNA, recoding the geometries and connections that may limit the expansion of your consciousness and may have been carried over from your ancestral heritage and other lifetimes.

> Light Body & Antahkarana Clearing and Activation: The Antahkarana is the light cord that connects the energy centers of the chakras and the levels of our consciousness to Source. By expanding and activating the Rainbow Bridge of the Antahkarana, we allow for an increased amount of Source Light and vibration to flow through our Being, therefore expanding our Light Quotient. Once we have opened up the Antahkarana to a greater degree, we clear, calibrate and activate the levels of your Light Body system.

> Releasing Symbols, Initiations, Agreements & Contracts: This is a very powerful and in-depth meditation where we dissolve the symbols/geometries from past initiations and attunements that may be limiting the expansion of your light quotient. We also walk you through releasing all agreements and contracts that are able to be taken care of at that time in alignment with your divine will.

Additional meditations that may be provided:

> Merlin’s Cave, Holy Grail & King Author’s Castle
> Shekinah Universe & Microtronic Energies
> Visit Acturian Mother Ship
> Journey to the City of Shamballa
> Axiatonal & Galaxiatonal Alignments/Activations
> Cosmic Meridian & Nadi Clearing/Activations
> Journey to Telos in Mount Shasta
> 5th Dimensional Chakra System Activation:
> Journey to Uluru Australia with the Aborigines
> Forgiveness Meditation with Sai Baba

Benefits of attending:

 > Greater connection with the levels of your multi-dimensional self.
> Enhanced clarity and the ability to work with your intuitive abilities.
> The release of limiting old paradigm patterns and programs of separation.
> An expansion of your individual vibrational frequency (Light Quotient).
> Connecting with the New Earth Crystalline grid and the transformational energies of change!

Attendees receive a resource manual and a numbered certificate for completing the course.

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