New Paradigm MDT 2-Day Master Class

The two-day master class introduces you to the full spectrum of the transformational energies of Shamballa and more through all aspects of your being. The experience gives you the opportunity to feel, integrate and acclimate with these alchemizing energies. Resulting in an empowered ability to ground more harmony and balance in your life. Once activated you become a conduit for these energies of love to flow through you at all times. Giving you the ability to share these energies with others simply by touch.

You will experience:

> What it means to step into your power and freedom.
> How to release fear and empower yourself with love.
> Activations of the most powerful healing, and transformational energies available on the planet! (the energies of Shamballa!).
> How our mind creates beliefs and how these beliefs and emotions affect our overall health and well-being.
> The importance of grounding and how it is tied into the transformation of earth/universe.
> How to facilitate energy therapy on yourself and others.
> The topic of brain balancing and how to do it.
> What self Mastery means to you as an individual.
> How to clear energetic blockages from yourself and others.
> Exercises that will assist in identifying and strengthening your intuitive abilities.

Guided group meditations:

> Transmuting Thought Forms & Energetic Connections: We will clear and dissolve the energies, cords, programs, and technologies that are no longer serving you.

> Opening to Mahatma Love: In the meditation we clear the energies of limitation and activate Mahatma Love through your 12 level chakra system.

> Illuminating the Diamond Within You: The Diamond Frequency within most people has been lying dormant and not flowing through the physical body. This meditation illuminates the Diamond Core within your heart which then allows the Diamond Frequency of Consciousness within you to flow with greater ease.

> Light Body & Antahkarana Clearing and Activation: The Antahkarana is the light cord that connects the energy centers of the chakras and the levels of our consciousness to Source. By expanding and activating the Rainbow Bridge of the Antahkarana, we allow for an increased amount of Source Light and vibration to flow through our Being, therefore expanding our Light Quotient. Once we have opened up the Antahkarana to a greater degree, we clear, calibrate and activate the levels of your Light Body system.

(If time permits additional meditations will be provided.)

Benefits of attending:

> Greater connection with the levels of your multi-dimensional self.
> Enhanced clarity and the ability to work with your intuitive abilities.
> The release of limiting old paradigm patterns and programs of separation.
> An expansion of your individual vibrational frequency (Light Quotient).
> Connecting with the New Earth Crystalline grid and the transformational energies of change!

Attendees receive a resource manual and a numbered certificate for completing the class.

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