:11 Time For Change Portal

:11 Time For Change Portal

As many of you know we are in the midst of major changes here on Earth. The old paradigm is crumbling and transforming into something new. HOW we experience these changes are dependent on us! We have choices! So I propose we UNITE our focus on peace and harmony.

Going forward at :11 past the hour for 1 minute (60 seconds) every hour. No matter what your doing or where you are at :11 send love to everyone in the region of Israel/Palestine and then work your way out to the whole of the Earth. Send LOVE "with-out conditions" to all people, beings, plants, animals and the LAND itself. Release all dualistic views, perceptions, judgments, of good vs evil, right or wrong and just love. Let's zapp the system of this planet with as much love juice as we are able to let flow. By doing this we will create our own divine gateway of change. From what I am seeing IF enough people around the world join in on this it will create a pulse/heartbeat of change.

I've tested out several methods on how to integrate this into daily life. One way is to set an intention to be reminded every hour at :11 past the hour, which works nicely to some degree. The other is to use this free reminder app, that you can set up on your phone to make a sound along with a pop-up message every hour you set it for. I found this app works better than the standard alarm supplied with most phones. My suggestion is if you are going to use the app pick a discreet appealing sound, I like the "ding" notification the most. It will take some time to get app setup and get into the habit of doing this every hour, but I assure you it is well worth it.

So WHY the need to focus on LOVE "with-out conditions". The answer is if you focus your energy with conditions or in a dualistic/judgmental way it will only feed in the creation of dualistic outcomes. Love "with-out conditions" IS the energy of harmony and balance. So by focusing love with-out conditions onto an area or region it changes the energetics of that area/region. As the energetics change into a lighter density of harmony and balance. It makes it easier for everyone and everything in that area/region to choose peace and harmony. Remember free will reigns here on Earth so people cannot be forced to change, however WE CAN assist in changing the energetics for which we exist within. So if you want to be a real badass, learn how to love with-out conditions!

Ok my friends it's :11, time to get started.........spread the word and let's truly BE the CHANGE!

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