The DOUBLE standards of HATE

The DOUBLE standards of HATE

Hello Friends, hope you all are enjoying 2021. It’s the year of REVEALING! So to kick things off I felt drawn to share with you an edited version of something I recently shared on facebook. I apologize to everyone on my email list, this I know this is the first mailing to you in awhile. I have included my other most recent article and youtube videos below. Cheers everyone!

I hear a lot of people saying, they have not seen this much hate in the world before. The truth is it’s the same amount of hate as 10 or even 20 years ago. What is different NOW it is just easier to see. For example: Whether you acknowledge it or not; If you have been recently rooting for trump to be impeached, there is a level of hate you are radiating. REMEMBER fear leads to anger and then into hate. With hate as I have been sharing is BLINDNESS. It’s the same as drinking poison and thinking someone else is going to die. You will only blind yourself with hate!

Hate, anger and fear is HEAVY. So heavy it’s hard to SEE past it!

I ask you all to truly step back and observe what is currently taking place in the world today. The double standards being expressed. The politicians who supported violence being created by antifa/BLM and now saying they condemn violence now that someone on the other side of their spectrum has been blamed for it. People that speak out of both sides of their month cannot be trusted. So don’t give your power away to what you are seeing and hearing on the news and from politicians. The truth is ALL violence is unhealthy to our society. Peaceful protests without damaging property or violence, assists in creating REAL CHANGE! There are no double standards for hate. If you have spoken out against hate before, remember what Martin Luther King said “hate cannot drive out hate ONLY love can do that”! So be TRUTHFUL with yourself and to what you are creating. What energy are you currently radiating into the collective? Every single person in our world is here for a reason. Trumps presence could not have been more perfect for the collective transformation. His presence exposed the hate that already existed but could not be seen before!

If you truly wish for unity to exist then release the hate and fear.

Again if this information triggers you, ask yourself why? And then release it! I am only pointing it out! If you don’t like what I have shared here and wish to live in a toxic world filled with hate and fear, continue on as you are! However I do not. We have the capability for harmony and balance to exist here on Earth, however it will not come by choosing a side, hate, fear, restrictions, or censorship. It will come when we see the value in true freedom and CHOOSE IT! Some people might say what I have shared here is impossible and will not happen. To these people I say, release the fear and hate and you will see for yourself what exists on the other side!

Joe Weaver

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