The NEW 27 MEGA POWER Portal – It’s out of this world!

The NEW 27 MEGA POWER Portal – It’s out of this world!

I discovered a NEW power date portal and WOW is it powerful! It is on the 27th of each month! As some of you know 2+7=9, and 9×3=27. 3 is a mega power number tied of course into numerology and the Fibonacci sequence. This makes the 27th a 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 date! Wow it is out of this world and a 9 “3” date. This makes it WAY more powerful than those double dates such as 8/8, 9/9. 12/12 and so on. The 27th mega portal! So get ready it is coming up in just a few weeks!

All joking aside I created this in response to all the hype around the DBL dates. If you feel attached to your DBL date portals feel free to resume, however if you wish to move beyond the old I suggest you keep reading.

The DBL date portals were created as a distraction. To keep people focused in linear time. As some of you know our multi-dimensional selves exists beyond time. How do you expect to expand your consciousness beyond time when your continually focusing on the constraints of linear time? So my suggestion is to release the repetitive focusing on these dates. I am not discounting our collective power when focusing on something together which is tied into quantum physics. What we collectively focus on of course is going to amplify. I can see what these dates are tied into and we don’t need to amplify the false matrix anymore than it already is.

Again if you feel attached to this pattern remember what the Buddha said about attachment.

In addition WE do not need ET sponsors or assistance in expanding our consciousness. WE have all the tools we need, right here, right now. So enough with giving power away to these groups and beings. It is all part of the illusion and the game of manipulation. Every single ascended master, arch angel, and the galactic federation has been duplicated. All with the main focus to “distract” those creating change on this planet. Feeding people with false information to distract them from their own power.

If you wish to focus on a portal, I suggest focusing on the 365 portal. It is HERE everyday! Release the old constructs, structures and patterns tied into TIME! BE flexible and OPEN to change. In many ways we are moving even beyond the old constraints of the astrological calendar. BE the HU-STAR-GATE! Break free of the constraints! Ok 365 portal here we GO, or even a better idea how about we focus on the COSMIC DAY PORTAL. There we GO, ACTIVATE ACTIVATE ACTIVATE cosmic day portal!

Lastly, there is no need to attack, debate or send me information about the double dates. I have shared this information for people to make their own choice. If you don’t align with what I have shared it’s ok. cheers! 🙂

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