The Real Message Of The Season ~ December 2019

It’s interesting how we can celebrate the birth of a dark skin immigrant, while at the same time turning our back on immigrants dying in jail cells. If a response to this is we need to take care of the citizens within our own country. Ok lets assist the homeless, oh no we can’t do that! Let’s feed the hungry, no we can’t do that! Let’s make it easier for the sick to get care, no we can’t do that! If you are having conversations like this with people you know, it may seem your differences are political, however the main reason is fear.

If your views and beliefs existed within the palm of your hand. You would have the choice to squeeze your hand and hold onto these beliefs or relax your hand and be open to change. The tighter you close your hand the more you squeeze the truth from your perceived reality. The tighter the grip the more fear increases and eventually all you perceive in the world is through the eyes of fear.

You may have heard about the separation of the worlds and the New Earth. These perceptual differences in consciousness are now being played out within the political arena around the world. I want to be clear that we do not have to see life in the same way. However it is imperative that we start working towards unity instead of separation. For the sustainability of our existence on earth this is not just an option, but is our only option.

The old system is not going to change by itself. It’s going to take involvement and action. Being “involved” is not the act of simply voting for someone. What I mean is getting involved in whatever way that suites you the best. Be it your local city council or planning board, election board, school systems, media outlets, organizations and so on. Being that we are creating something that has not been done before there will be those who fear this change. The key is we act with respect to everyone while implementing the changes from the old to the new.

The REAL message has not been lost, it is simply being ignored. So as we celebrate the birth of this dark skinned immigrant may we work on releasing the illusion of our separation! Let’s respect all forms of life and take responsibility for our own creations, most importantly the one we are creating together!

Peace, love & happiness to all,
Joe Weaver

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