The REALNESS - November 2023 Newsletter

The REALNESS - November 2023 Newsletter

Hello My Friends,

Now that the "holidays" are upon us, it's important to remember the "realness" of these occasions. In many ways love and gratitude has taken a back seat to consumer driven buying and consumption. The philosophy that you must spend more to live more. It's easy to fall within these patterns and loose focus of the "realness". What we need more than anything these days is simplicity. Take the time to breath, smell, feel, and enjoy simply being you. Be thankful that you have a physical body and you are able to experience life with your family and friends. This is "realness"!

Joyous and love filled days to you all,
Joe Weaver


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Taste Of The New Paradigm
December 8 @ 6:00 - 7:30pm : Aberdeen, NC
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