Time Portals :: Vax Passports :: Media Testing Public Response

Time Portals :: Vax Passports :: Media Testing Public Response

Hello Everyone! For those of you who have not noticed the government uses the media to test public response. If you hear the media saying the president is “reviewing” or “looking over” the possibility of something, they are TESTING if people support an idea or not. If the public’s response is light to what ever the government is supposedly “reviewing”, they will continue on with it. However if there is a major uproar of a “proposed” idea that is being “looking at” then for fear of “political fallout” they usually don’t follow through with it. An example of this would be the vax passports. THANKFULLY there has been major pushback from the public on this “proposed” idea. Even though we may be seeing the media and tech companies continuing to push the idea of vax passports the Biden administration has already said they are not going to pursue it. The reason is the majority of the population is NOT for it! If they try and push it through on a federal level it would create major unrest within the collective. So the purpose of me sharing all of this with you today is to show how POWERFUL your voice is! In addition the IMPORTANCE of standing up and speaking out about what you stand for! Simply sitting back and not saying anything in most cases means the green light to move forward with whatever is being “proposed”.

On a collective level WE are currently being given the “opportunity” to release fear/victimhood and stand in our power. To respect and honor the free will of each other or not. Some people may think that WE need to do whatever is necessary to return to “normal”, however there are major consequences if WE simply choose submit and surrender our freedoms. As I have shared in the past EVERYTHING in realty is multidimensionally connected, EVERYTHING! There is NO COINCIDENCE that we are at this crossroads in time. WE are being given an OPPORTUNITY to expand consciousness and evolve into the golden age of the New Earth, or STAY in mental slavery. Time portals exist, they are “opportunities” such as this one WE are at NOW. We move through these time portals by making decisions! Do WE expand our consciousness beyond fear and find out what’s on the other side or not. The CHOICE is OURS!

The density lifts 1 degree every time someone chooses love over fear…..continue to BE the CHANGE!

Joe Weaver

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