Are You Mentally Tapping Out?

Are You Mentally Tapping Out?

Hello Everyone! Now that we are a year into the plandemic. Like myself, I know there are a lot of you that are ready for all of this to be over. There are times where our mental mind may become overloaded with information to the point where it wants to shut down. The mind may be telling itself, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, because of the amount of perceived chaos in the world. The words of a topic such as covid may become sickening to you. Similarly to a certain food or drink that you once had before vomiting. The feeling is always there even years down the road. I know most people are ready to move forward however what is happening right now cannot continue to be overlooked. The atrocities and manipulation is not going to magically go away UNLESS more people finally step into their power and say NO MORE!

I honor the will of anyone that wishes to tap out and seclude themselves from todays reality, however this is not my path. The truth does not seem to be a very popular topic right now. In the last year or so over 400 people have unfriended or unfollowed me on Facebook. As you can see I am not here for a popularity contest. As long as the manipulation continues and the peoples free will is restricted, I will continue to share information contesting it. So if you no longer wish to see the information/posts I share on Facebook, MeWe, and on my email list. Simply unsubscribe, unfollow or unfriend. My feelings will not be hurt, however I am not going to stop.

Even though it may be challenging for some people to imagine. There is a war on consciousness that is still occurring on Earth. The manipulation team is doing everything they can to distract people from becoming FULLY SELF EMPOWERED. I know many people on the path of transformation are ready to move forward and be done with all of this already. However we are at a critical stage of the game. Remember that everything we think along with our actions influences the collective consciousness. If you hold back from speaking your truth, think about what message you are sending into the collective mind. This means you are restricting your throat chakra which in turn reflects into the collective throat chakra. Literally EVERY choice we make or think is reflected into the collective mind. This is one of the main reasons why I share and say what I do, not only on Facebook but in physical life while walking down the street. Everything we do has an effect on the collective consciousness. If your sensing victimhood, fear or patterns of judgment from the EGO, rewrite them! BE the reprogrammer with every waking moment of your life. Through the process of us reprogramming and resetting the levels of our multidimensional self, these changes are instantaneously reflected into the collective mind. If your feeling run down, recenter yourself and expand your power. ALLOW your chakra system to FULLY OPEN UP! LET THAT SHIT GO and expand your FLOW!

Here is something I recently shared on facebook.

Is it a conspiracy………
That the sun is hot
That the wind blows
That those are flowers between your toes

Is it a conspiracy………
That we are mostly water
That what we think is what we get
That we are what we eat
That what we believe is what we see

Is it a conspiracy………
That we are diverse and special in our own way
That people have led you astray
That you have always had the power
That NOW is the hour

Is it a conspiracy………
That nature has the ability to heal itself just as you do
That everything already has robust health
That we are everything under the sun
That we are forever ONE

NO it’s not a conspiracy!

Joe Weaver

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Practical tools that I can use in my everyday life…

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