The Acceleration : February 2024 Newsletter

The Acceleration : February 2024 Newsletter

Hello My Friends,

How's 2024 going for you? Ya, take a deep breath and relax! The shift is in full force now. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the accelerated changes taking place in your life or perceived world. It may feel like you are on a carnival ride that is spinning faster and faster. To the point where you are saying "I want off of this ride"! I can assure you one thing my friends, the acceleration is not going to stop but only increase. Whether you like it or not this is a time of "adapting" to change. If you are too much in your mental mind and trying to HOLD ON, the ride may feel overwhelming. However if you RELAX into the ride and are willing to let go and change, things smooth out.

I recently posted some information on facebook about Talor Swift, that caused some uproar and resulted in quite a few comments. I was happy to see it. I know some of these topics may "trigger" people and this is exactly the reason why I post it. The triggers only expose what is being held onto. I've had countless people say to me. There is no need to try and wake people up, why waste your energy and time. Personally I don't see it as a waste of time. I do what I do because I see people/humanity as an extension of my own self or family. If you had a loved one/family member who was sleeping and was visibly having a nightmare wouldn't you try and wake them up? The thing is in this "realty" people don't even know they are dreaming, similar to the movie Inception. Most people do not comprehend what is truly at stake here in this period of time we are currently living in. This is the reason why I offer personal coaching, classes, tools and resources to assist people in realizing who they truly are and who WE are as a collective. I am doing everything i can to assist with this shift in consciousness. Even if that means occasionally saying to some people. HEY wake the fuck up! As some of you can see I don't really care how I am perceived. What matters to me is being honest with myself and asking am I doing 100%? At this point I can say yes!

I will be deleting my youtube channel Abracadabra very soon. Even though the channel has over 30 videos I feel the info in some ways is outdated. So I've created the new channel called "Power Up with Joe Weaver". It's much more inline with the essence of who I truly am. More content will be posted soon. If you would like to view my most recent live stream on the new channel. >Click Here<

Hey, I love you, now wake the fuck up!
Joe Weaver

Personal Transformation & Self Awareness Coaching
A 6 week program that assists with decoding your transformation and adapting to the New Earth way of living!
There is nothing easy about self mastery, it requires you to look within and change your internal programming. If you want REAL long lasting change it takes time, commitment and repetition. Through the POWER UP program I walk with you through the process of making these long term changes in your life.

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